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Hive 2015

23. April 2015

40 facts about me

I enjoyed it so much to read all the posts about the 40 facts of the attendees of The Hive 2015 that I thought, I had to open myself and give you the chance to know 40 facts about myself. So, fasten your seatbelt, get the seats in an upright position and here we go:

  1. I am married to the best wife ever (absolutely no doubt about that! Don’t try to argue with me about this)
  2. I started blogging at the same time, I learned to cook
  3. I am a true petrolhead
  4. I hate flying
  5. Everything with wheels and an engine gives me a thrill
  6. 4 is only true, as long as I am the driver
  7. I am often called „The Transporter“, because I love to travel by car. 1500km a day means fun to me
  8. I am some kind of an electrician
  9. Sometimes, my travels can be called …uhm… crazy. I went to Italy, just to buy some booze and pasta, had a coke, had some ice cream and went right back (which meant 2200km in less than 30 hours)
  10. I am younger than I look and feel younger than I really am.
  11. My sense of humor is sometimes hard to understand, unless you know me better.
  12. I prefer eating things that have had parents
  13. I’d like to be a teacher
  14. I have a drivers license for boats
  15. I am a cat person
  16. I am not easily star strucked. In fact, when working at a concert, I refused the drummer of a famous german band to enter the stage, because he had no backstage card.
  17. When it comes to photography, I’d like to be more creative
  18. You can quite easily scare me to death
  19. I was bullied at school and that lead to some wierd behaviour. But I’ve overcome this episode of my life.
  20. Curiosity is getting to its maximum, when I meet new people
  21. I am pretty open minded and try to avoid any kind of prejudice
  22. Though I am always quite calm and relaxed, you shouldn’t push me to the limit
  23. My taste of music isn’t describeable. I listen to everything that gives me feelings in any way.
  24. While driving, music has a direct influence on the speed
  25. I am a member of the union council
  26. I have been working for the same company since 1989 (and never been anywhere else)
  27. I love the sun, but always get sunburned
  28. I write the blog in german, because my english skills don’t allow me to express myself the way I want to
  29. It’s always a good feeling to come back home
  30. Did I mention that I am the worst co-driver in the world?
  31. The german autobahn is my natural habitat
  32. I often don’t understand art (well, as long as you don’t explain it to me)
  33. If alcohol would be prohibited, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me
  34. I avoid roller coasters. I get sick!
  35. Yoga can make me smile
  36. After playing all kinds of Microsoft OS I found out, that Apple OS is much easier
  37. One day, I will own a Harley
  38. Speaking someone’s language offers the chance to understand him. Therefore I wish I could speak more languages
  39. Sometimes I smile at people just to see their reaction
  40. I’m seriously looking for a way to visit The Hive 2016 without taking an airplane

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2 Kommentare
  1. Thanks for sharing your 40 facts! I get sick on roller coasters too. I think you’re doing well on the photography already though – really enjoyed your pics on Instagram!

    Gefällt mir

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