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Hive 2015 – My review

3. Mai 2015

This April, another mind-blowing event was held in Berlin… THE HIVE …If you don’t know what it is, have a look at the RTL2 website. In case you cannot find the clip, continue reading!

The Hive, a gathering of bloggers, storytellers and everybody else, who is interested in photography, styling and all the other things, you can write about online. The most impressive fact about the hive is, that no matter how many followers or likes you got in the past, everybody is open minded, friendly and absolutely everything but nerdy. As a male it is scary like hell to enter a room with almost 200 chatting women. To be honest, my fear subsided rapidly, when I entered the Microsoft Eatery in Berlin for the kick-off event. As Yvonne, the founder of the hive, often mentioned during the weekend, it is like a school reunion of the good kind. She’s right in every single way. It was a good feeling to meet old friends and get to know new ones.

During the weekend, we had the chance to listen to several speeches and to take part in some workshops.  The most impressive sparkling speech was held by Natalie Holbrook. She spoke about haters and how to deal with it. In my opinion, she belongs to the Top10 of the nicest people I ever met.

If you use the keywords „hive 2015“ at any search-engine, you’ll find a lot of other reviews that will describe the whole weekend. So, at this point, I won’t do that. To me it’s more important to set up my personal top-or-flop list of this weekend:


Yvonne and her team! They never got tired to answer any question, even if they heard them 2364 times before

The speakers! Almost every speaker was well prepared and has had a message that was worth to be heard

The attendees! Gosh! They are so overwhelming friendly that I cannot find the right words


The goodie-bags! Be prepared that (after you get home) you’ll spend a lot of money to order more of the stuff you found in your bag. At every hive congress, I find something new addictive in that bags. Since Hive2014, Nutella is on every single shopping list of mine and now I’m close to ordering absolutely everything from Method. (I hope you get it right!? There is NO flop on my list!)

However, I’d really like to see more men there. Guys, I feel lonesome between all these girls!

Some of my impressions (if somebody doesn’t want to be shown here, please drop me a line, ok?)


























































From → Reisen, Sammelbecken

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