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Best Of Interior Blogs Award – I was there

14. September 2015

It’s time for another posting in English. Why? Easy to say! I spent two days in Munich to visit the awarding of the “Best Of Interior Blogs” Award . The Callwey Publishing House hosted the ceremony in the rooms provided by Kokon. Due to the international guests, the most spoken language was englisch. So, I’m actually still in this english language mood.

As I mentioned in an older post, I am pretty crazy about car driving. For that reason, it was beyond any doubt that I would go there by car. Little did I know about the regional differences between the west and the south of Germany. If I am asked to describe the driving skills down there, I’d just say: The all are traffic dyslexics. Obviously, they have proven the ability to drive a car but never showed any kind of skills to drive a car, when there are others nearby. It will forever be a secret to those persons, why the hell they change to a lane which will be closed only 100m further down the road (announced by several bright lighted signs before) just to get back shortly after. It didn’t make sense at all. However, I guess they are members of the “Build your own traffic jam society”. Another great myth is the fact, why they never use the right lane. They always use the middle or the left one. It seems to me, like there is some kind of magic happening that prevents them from recognizing the third lane. Oh, stop, let me think about this last point. In fact, they DO use a third lane. On my way back home I was able to learn how this works: You take an autobahn with four lanes, put up signs that allow you to use the service lane (to get you a fifth lane) and BAM all the bavarian drivers use three lanes instead of two. Miracles can happen everywhere.


Though I spent a lot of time in the car, it wasn’t all I’ve done. On Friday morning, we met at the Nymphenburg Manufactory. I’m not that much into feminine decoration nor do I collect porcelain, but I have to admit that all the work, which is necessary to produce these plates, figures etc. is pretty amazing. Everything is genuine handcrafted. Next time you eat, remember that a normal, unpainted plate needs more time to be built than it takes to assemble a car.

handmade porcelainplates

After the tour, we were taken to the Callwey Publishing House by bus. Being the only male (despite of Igor, one of the judges of the award), it was like being on vacation with a boarding school for young ladies. Not the worst experience, when you ask me! At Callwey’s, Marcella Prior-Callwey gave us a warm welcome (which included not only the good coffee and some really good food, but also her friendly and very kind attitude) and a tour around the house. Quite interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes. Another presentation that gained my attention was about Farrow&Ball. Believe it or not, but I have had that instant feeling to run out, head home and renew everything. The wallpapers and colours of Farrow&Ball make you feel like you’re living in a trashcan. Great stuff!


Afterwards, the most incredible, most amazing and most (go, find yourself a superlative) Stefanie Luxat told us about “How to write a bestseller” in 10 steps. Stefanie’s speech was great! That her book “Wie eine Wohnung ein Zuhause wird” is a bestseller, isn’t a surprise at all. Have a look at it and you know what I mean. I also recommend her new one “Herzlich willkommen! Mit Gästen zuhause”. Inspiration hits you on every single page.


Friday evening, the big event took place! The “Best Of Interior Blogs” Award! 15 nominees and a lot of guests were waiting to get to know the names of the three winners. Before the proclamation of this year’s award winners, we’ve had the time to browse around the rooms of Kokon Flagship Store. I saw a lot of things that will sooner or later find a place in my apartment.


When the moment arrived, to add names to the categories, everybody was eager to know the winners. First, Kimberly Duran got the award for the “Best Creative Idea”. Unfortunately, I haven’t met this friendly young lady before this event, but her Blog is worth a visit. The second award, in the category “Best Individual Style” went to the one and only Anastasia Benko. For several years, she’s a never ending inspiration to me and a shining example when it comes to working hard on making dreams come true. The last category to be filled with a name was “Blog Of The Year”. I’ve heard so much of her and spend the whole day with this overwhelmingly cute little person, that I was happy to hear that Mette Jakobsen got the award for her blog “monster circus”. I’m sure that the jury couldn’t have made a better choice. Therefore, I want to say „good job, folks“ to Gudy Herder, Igor Josifovic, Ricarda Nieswandt for being the jury and Laura Etscheid from Callwey for preparing this great event.


After all, the days in Munich have been wonderfull. I got to know more blogging people and experienced once again, that the members of this community are stunningly friendly. Although I was the only male attendant, I never felt any predjudice. In fact, I felt very welcome.

P.S. If you are a petrol head like me, go to Munich! I’ve hardly ever seen so many exclusive cars in such a short time.


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